Ticket Pricing

New Town Plaza - Single Admission - Weekday (60 mins)
HKD 158.00
New Town Plaza - Single Admission - Weekday (110 mins)
HKD 228.00
New Town Plaza - Single Admission - Weekend (60 mins)
HKD 208.00
New Town Plaza - Single Admission - Weekend (110 mins)
HKD 298.00
New Town Plaza - 10x Admission - Weekday (60 mins)
HKD 1338.00
New Town Plaza - 10x Admission - Weekend (60 mins)
HKD 1888.00
New Town Plaza - 10x Admission - Weekday (110 mins)
HKD 1958.00
New Town Plaza - 10x Admission - Weekend (110 mins)
HKD 2688.00
New Town Plaza - Annual Pass - X-treme (Any Day)
HKD 3888.00
New Town Plaza - Annual Pass - X-pert (Weekdays Only)
HKD 2888.00

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About Kiztopia

Kiztopia Friends & Core Values

Eli (Kind)

Eli is fast and agile, despite his size. Being an engineer, he always keeps cars up to speed, just like his love for Formula 1 and car racing.

A kind city boy at heart, Eli loves to help out his friends to his best abilities while enjoying himself by participating in racing competitions with his friends.

Tiger (Integrity)

Tiger is loyal and trustworthy, his friends could always depend on him to be there for them. Being a sportsman, he loves to exercise to maintain a healthy and fit body.

Tiger is always consistent with his training regime and has great self-discipline. He likes to wake up early for a good work out even on his off days.

Happy (Zeal)

Happy often shows her warmth and positive energy through her dancing. She expresses her zealous self with graceful movements of a ballerina.

Being a dancer who is able to grant wishes, Happy’s enthusiasm has attracted many of her friends to pass kindness forward by letting her make many things possible.

Mark (Teamwork)

Even though Mark is playful and mischievous, he is intelligent, and loves inventing, even building a rocket on his own for space travel.

Being an astronaut, he is a team player who can easily work with his friends or teammates. His superpower of building things quickly has allowed him to invent, build, and create things in a jiffy.

Honey (Optimistic)

Honey is optimistic and hardworking, often found practising her singing in the Honey Notes Music Room and working towards her dream of becoming a singer one day.

Even though she loves rock & roll music, Honey has made a name for herself with her melodious voice that is sweet and dreamy enough to lull her friends to sleep.

Drago (Passion)

Drago is honest and always reports the truth because he hates lies. This has also led to him working as journalist.

Drago has a magic camera that temporarily stops time, every time he takes a photo. He has the passions for exploring, traveling, and photography.

Raby (Inspiration)

Raby is kind-hearted and caring, always looking out for other people. These are important characteristics that have built up her profession as a nurse.

Raby’s healing powers and big heart have inspired many of her friends to give back to the society like her. She is well-liked by everyone and is best friends with Mark and Honey.

Bell (Adaptive)

Bell is a well-known gourmand who not only enjoys eating but also cooking and baking. Being a chef, he has to be adaptive in case he runs out of any ingredients.

Be it in his kitchen, the forest, or even in outer space, Bell is always able to find ingredients to cook with, and he always shares his food with his friends. He is loved by everyone for his warmth, positivity, and friendliness.

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