New Town Plaza

Our flagship store at New Town Plaza is a 12,000 square feet playground! With up to 15 play areas, each led by one of our 8 unique characters, families and little ones can look forward to two-storey high adrenaline-pumping slides, giant climbing frames, fun bubble pools, creative role-play rooms, multiple challenging obstacle courses, and enticing trampolines, and more! This is a perfect destination, providing you with a fun and comprehensive family and child experience!

Park Central

Spanning across 13,000 square feet, our space-themed playground at Kiztopia hosts up to 19 different play areas. We've introduced "5 diverse tech zones" for the first time, each infused with innovative elements. In particular, our massive climbing area, covering a third of the space, now features two exciting new slides: an 8-meter speed slide that requires a rubber raft and a fun volcano slide. Additionally, our "Career Exploration Zone" has added two new themes, providing children with more opportunities to play and learn alongside 8 beloved cartoon characters.

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