• Kiztopia Kids Pencil Case – Tiger

    Stand out from the crowd with the coolest Kiztopia’s Pencil Case!


    • Attractive design with comic strip embossed on the cover.
    • Spacious internal compartments for your child’s favourite stationeries!
    • Perfect for girls and boys of all ages!


    Product Weight & Dimension:

    140g, 240mm(L) X 120mm(W) X 55mm(H)



  • Kiztopia Lanyard Cardholder – Bell

    No more fear of lost cards or transport passes any more!

    • Kiztopia’s cardholder comes with a detachable strap/lanyard so that it can be conveniently worn around the neck.
    • Clear window on one side to display yours or your child’s favourite card!
    • Suitable to hold 1 to 2 cards which are used regularly.
    • Great as gift or for personal use.


    Product Weight & Dimension:

    39g, 100mm(L) x 80mm(W) x 7mm(H)



  • Kiztopia Plushie / Soft Toy – Bell

    One of Kiztopia’s key character, he is none other than Bell the Bear!


    • A well-known gourmand who not only enjoys eating, but also cooking and baking cakes.
    • He is loved by everyone for his warmth, kindness and friendliness.
    • Bell is the best gift to a child for any occasion!


    Product Weight & Dimension:

    355g, 300mm(H) X 240mm(W)



  • Kiztopia Plushie / Soft Toy – Eli

    He is nimble, he is agile. Presenting Eli the Elephant!


    • He is an engineer and a city boy at heart.
    • Despite his size, he dislikes slowness and enjoys the adrenaline rush from racing competitions.
    • Super soft and cuddly, he is the superb bedtime companion for little ones!


    Product Weight & Dimension

    368g, 320mm(H) X 280mm(W)



  • Kiztopia Kids Art Set (68pcs)

    A must-have for all young aspiring artists!


    • Includes crayons, coloured pencils, paint and even coloured pens.
    • Stored in a portable and handy case so that little ones can bring it along wherever they go.
    • Excellent gift for any occasions!


    Product Weight & Dimensions:

    530g, 290mm(L) x 210mm(W) x 40mm(H)



  • Kiztopia Plushie / Soft Toy – Raby

    Highly popular with every child, we have the lovely Raby the Rabbit!


    • She is a kind-hearted teacher who is well-liked by everyone.
    • She also enjoys nature and often takes walks in the park.
    • Set to melt hearts, Raby is every child’s ideal gift!


    Product Weight & Dimension:

    400g, 300mm(H) X 260mm(W)



  • Kiztopia Plushie / Soft Toy – Tiger

    His name says it all. One of the hot favourite among children, he is none other than Tiger!


    • He is brave and dependable, with a strong sense of justice.
    • He has the strength of Hercules, and enjoys working out at gyms.
    • Bold yet friendly, Tiger is a must have for all!


    Product Weight & Dimension:

    380g, 290mm(H) X 240mm(W)



  • Kiztopia Plushie / Soft Toy – Mark

    A character that loves monkeying around – introducing Mark the Monkey!


    • An all-rounded inventor who can build and create things in a jiffy.
    • Extremely playful and mischievous, Mark loves to tease his friends.
    • Super cuddly despite his size, Mark is a hot favourite with children who loves his bright orange colour!


    Product Weight & Dimension:

    190g, 240mm(H) X 230mm(W)



  • Kiztopia Keychain – Bell

    Add personality to your belongings with Kiztopia’s super duper cute keychains!


    • Use it to hold your keys, hang it on backpacks/luggages/school bags for easy identification, or add it to your wallet/bag as an accessory!


    Product Weight & Dimension:

    47g, 60mm(L) x 50mm(W) x 30mm(H)



  • Kiztopia Kids Water Bottle With Pouch (450ml) – Mark

    Designed specially for little ones! Get ready for any adventure with Kiztopia’s cute and durable Water Bottle!


    • 450ml tritan bottle, BPA free
    • Comes with a bottle pouch with strap so your little one can carry their bottle with them and stay hydrated all day.
    • Great for school excursions, short trips and adventures!


    Additional info:
    – For use with cold beverages and warm beverages (not exceeding 50 degrees Celsius)
    – Not intended for carbonated beverages.
    – Do not microwave, freeze or use in dishwashing machine


    Product Weight & Dimension:
    262g (without content), 95mm(L) X 75mm(W) X 195mm(H)


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